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Scaling in today's markets can mean many things, our team has built out bespoke solutions to the top problems plaguing the mycelium manufacturing industry. Knowing when to automate while in the process of scaling vertically and horizontally can be a daunting task. Luckily, we make the tools and provide the support to scale to an order of one magnitude or more possible.

Automating the Hard Parts

Normalizing Neuro Medicines

The days of stigmatization are over, as we usher in a new era of medicines to treat neurological conditions BioReactive Technologies has developed Standard Operating Procedures for 99% of use cases.

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Engineered Delicacies

Leveraging 21st century lab-growing processes to create delicacies that can be customized to the culinary needs of the customer. With year-round production and demand-driven yields the scales have tipped in our favor.

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Our product lines are here to simplify your struggles!


Real-time measured applications with lot traceability via embedded QR codes.

Goo Vat™

Our patented technology allows for scaling both vertically and horizontally.

Standard Operating Procedures

Turn-key documentation like a franchise - we make sure both sides benefit.

Tub Topper™

This controller and data collection tool helps with rapid iterations via controlled experiments.

All limitless! All inclusive! Living fungi!
Lifecycle of mushrooms

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Our services cover a broad range of solutions.
Team Doctors
Current research suggests Psychedelic assisted therapy offers relief for those suffering from a number of difficult to treat mental illnesses.
Neuro Medicines
Expanding and standardising
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Evolving technologies
System Automation
Bespoke consulting services
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Micro organism on a macro-level
Engineered Truffles
Lab grown and kitchen ready
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Comprehensive lab testing
HPLC and UPLC Testing
Reliable analytical metrics
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